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Industry development

We are committed to creating an environment for new investment, and revitalisation and redevelopment of our tourism industry.

Tourism is supporting one in ten Queensland jobs and is worth more than $27 billion to the state’s economy.

We know that tourism is crucial to our state and so we’re backing our tourism industry to thrive with long-term growth that is sustainable for decades.

We’re investing in new tourism attractions, products and experiences and in major projects like the $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf development to grow Queensland tourism.

We know how important strong regional tourism is to our state and we are committed to providing improved infrastructure and access to help attract more visitors.

We’re building a stronger and more resilient industry by investing in initiatives such as the business capability program which will help build a stronger, more competitive tourism businesses.

Through a range of programs and initiatives, we focus on four priority areas to attract investment, sustain communities and continue to grow tourism and jobs in the state

Grow quality products, events and experiences

Queensland has built a solid reputation for the diversity, quality and safety of its destinations and experiences. This priority area aims to:

  • develop high quality, innovative products and experiences
  • develop new and refreshed ecotourism, nature-based and cultural heritage products and experiences
  • attract and grow events in Queensland
  • improve the customer-focused service culture and experience.

By expanding our offerings to include more world-class contemporary and unique products, and authentic experiences only available in Queensland, we can attract new and repeat domestic and international visitors to our state.

Invest in infrastructure and access

Modern, high quality infrastructure is crucial to providing seamless travel to and around Queensland. This priority area aims to:

  • position Queensland as a leading destination for tourism infrastructure investment
  • improve transport access and infrastructure
  • build aviation access and strategic partnerships
  • facilitate, advocate and provide support to help project proponents deliver new and improved infrastructure across our state.

Investing in new tourism assets, expanding access and improving infrastructure that supports the tourism industry will drive real growth in tourism opportunities and jobs.

Build a skilled workforce and business capabilities

Following the Queensland Tourism Workforce Plan 2017-20 prepared by Jobs Queensland, the Queensland Government is implementing initiatives to help ensure employers have the skilled workforce they need to meet future demands of Queensland's growing tourism industry. These aim to:

  • strengthen industry pathways for students to build careers in tourism
  • develop a tourism workforce plan
  • develop the Indigenous workforce for the tourism industry
  • build the capabilities of tourism businesses
  • increase the digital capabilities and connectivity of tourism businesses.

Given the important role that tourism plays in the Queensland economy, it is vital that industry has the skills and experience to meet the growing demands of visitors who are seeking high quality services and experiences.

Seize the opportunity in Asia

The Asian tourism market is emerging as a major driver of economic growth, with more Asian travellers now visiting Queensland than ever before—spending money and creating jobs across the regions. This priority area aims to:

  • implement a targeted Asia strategy
  • connecting Asia to the regions
  • leverage the tourism potential of the international education network.

Now is the time to take a focused approach to make Queensland Australia’s leader for the Asian tourism market and to build on the momentum of record visitation numbers to the state.

Major Projects

Tourism Development Projects are designed to achieve major economic development outcomes through delivering transformational tourism projects.

Read more about our Major Projects.

Tourism Industry Business Capability Development program

To help tourism businesses be more competitive, adaptive and resilient, and cement Queensland’s position as a world-leading tourism destination, we are delivering a $3 million Tourism Industry Business Capability Development program.

The program runs workshops and mentoring programs that are suited to small to medium sized businesses and young businesses that want to grow. The program is now in its second year and is delivered throughout the state on our behalf by the Queensland Tourism Industry Association (QTIC) in conjunction with Regional Tourism Organisations and other industry stakeholders.

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Last updated: 11 Feb 2020